Rondelle met kristalfasette - 150 stuks -4 mm - volstring - PBC4C15


Naam van materiaal: Kristal

Grootte: 4mm x 3mm

Vorm: Facette rondelle

Gehalte: AA

Hoeveelheid: 149 tot 150 kraal per string

Lengte van die draad: ongeveer - 16.5 duim - 42 cm

Color:  Opaque Blue White Luster

Has seen in picture, we send you exactly the item show in picture - Blue 41 colors available on my listings please check for all colors. IMPORTANT: Please read descriptions of the beads along with browsing through the photographs. Please, note that we do our best in taking photographs as accurate as possible.However colors may slightly vary from monitor to monitor as well as they vary at different lighting.Please, also keep in mind, that the pictures are taken quite closely to show the product quality and finish. Because of that, on some beads photos you could see more color showing through the finish than an eye could see when looking at the beads on your hand. Thank you for visiting my shop.Please pop in again.

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